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Northwest History

Thomas Gaunt House


The Thomas Gaunt House, located on the south edge of campus, 建于19世纪70年代,自1905年成立以来,一直是和记棋牌娱乐所有校长的家. Gaunt purchased the tract on May 4, 1860, added an additional 19 acres on March 31, 1864, and by 1882, his holding had grown to 72 acres.

In 1905, 他的女儿们把房子和场地捐赠给了新的玛丽维尔第五区师范学校. The home was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.

Administration Building


这座四层砖砌建筑是都铎哥特式或学院哥特式风格,于10月10日开放. 3, 1910, 克服了不断变化的立法和拨款,使大楼的建设拖延了三年. With its limestone and terra cotta accents, the building stood as the campus’ sole academic building until 1959.

这座建筑在1919年的龙卷风破坏和1979年的毁灭性大火中幸存下来,大火烧毁了北翼剧院. In 2010, 该建筑被列入国家史迹名录,今天它是大学坚持不懈和实力的标志性象征.


Picture尽管在和记棋牌娱乐早期,狗狗迈克是一个非官方的吉祥物, 1916年,学生团体以斯普林菲尔德德鲁里学院的一位篮球教练的名字命名,采用了熊队的身份, Missouri, asked a Northwest coach whether his “fighting Bearcats” were ready to play.

The animal is characterized as a beast that is difficult to hold or capture, 熊猫的早期表现形式从逼真的猫到类似熊的生物不等. 第一套鲍比熊猫服装是在20世纪70年代初由艺术部门制作的,由玻璃纤维制成. 后来鲍比的服装只有一个白色的毛毡头和由当地玛丽维尔女裁缝制作的连指手套. In the mid-to-late 1970s, Bobby paired with Betty "Roberta" Bearkitten. In the 1980s, 鲍比换了一套毛茸茸的、更可爱的黄色人造毛皮服装.

The Stroller

PictureHaving made his or her first appearance in 1918, 《和记娱乐ios》每周都会出现在学生报纸上,至今仍未公开. The Stroller offers observations and comments on campus and Maryville life.

Homecoming and Walkout Day

Picture返校周是和记棋牌娱乐历史悠久的传统,可以追溯到1924年,并以盛大的游行和足球比赛告终. Other events include variety show performances, philanthropy activities, alumni gatherings, banner and decorating competitions, the election of Homecoming royalty, and the M-Club Hall of Fame induction.

On the Friday of Homecoming week, 所有的课程都被取消,学生们在校园里参加各种各样的活动. The tradition dates back to Oct. 1915年2月22日,学生们走出教室,宣布这一天为临时假期. Early Walkout Days featured all-school picnics and hikes.

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Roberta Hall

Picture罗伯塔大厅并不总是一个容纳姐妹会的建筑,也不是以现在的名字命名的. In its earlier incarnation, 这座建筑被称为宿舍,是校园里唯一的女性宿舍, and between 1942 and 1945, 大楼里住着参加和记棋牌娱乐V-12海军军官培训项目的人.

1951年4月28日,大楼后面的一个汽油储油罐爆炸,引发了一场火灾. Thirty women were injured, four of them critically, including Roberta Steel. She died a year and a half later from her injuries, and her gentle, loving spirit is said to playfully haunt the building that honors her memory.

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Colden Pond

PictureOriginally referred to as Lamkin Lake, 这个池塘在早期被称为拉姆金的愚蠢,因为它不能留住水. After the problem was resolved, the pond was stocked with fish and became a pleasant oasis for the campus community. 池塘和周围的景观在20世纪90年代末进行了翻新,今天仍然是学生们的热门景点.

Kissing Bridge

PictureAccording to Northwest lore, 一名新生如果在第一场雪之前没有在接吻桥上被吻过,就不会被认为是正式的“男女同校”学生. 这座质朴的小木桥位于金色大厅的南侧,暗示着这里是学生浪漫开始的地方. Throughout its history, the bridge has become a destination for first dates, engagement proposals and the occasional wedding.

Bell of ’48

Picture1948届毕业生向和记棋牌娱乐赠送了一座青铜纪念钟,以纪念所有在第二次世界大战中战斗和牺牲的士兵, 特别是那些曾经在和记棋牌娱乐或曾经住在密苏里州西北部的阵亡士兵. 大钟预示着西北的成就和庆祝,哀鸣着纪念逝去的学生.

Abraham Lincoln statue

Picture亚伯拉罕·林肯雕像在1959年一名守夜人的枪击和7月24日行政大楼的火灾中幸存下来, 1979. The statue sustained no permanent damage during the fire, 当晚救火的消防员后来回忆说,这座雕像象征着一种力量的纽带, protecting the firefighters and the rest of the building from the flames.

Memorial Bell Tower

PictureCentrally located on campus, 露天钟楼是1971年为纪念学生而建成的标志性建筑, faculty and others who had served the country, including the military. The Bell Tower stands 100 feet tall and measures 25 feet in diameter. 它还设有黄铜纪念牌和一个在早上演奏的电子钟琴, noon and night.

大学校长罗伯特·福斯特在1965年宣布了他建造钟楼的计划,并在大学校友和朋友的捐赠下完全完工. In 2004, 钟楼进行了大规模的翻新,包括结构维修和改善残疾人无障碍设施.

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Family Weekend

PictureEach fall, 邀请西北学生的家长和家庭在享受周末娱乐的同时体验西北校园, athletics and family fun. Events include family-friendly performers such as hypnotists, comedians and magicians and the annual Alumni Awards Banquet.

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Missouri Arboretum

PictureAs the home of the Missouri Arboretum since 1993, the Northwest campus features more than 1,700 trees and more than 130 species. In the fall, Northwest plants a tree on the campus in honor of the freshman class.

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Advantage Week

Picture大一新生和转学生在秋季课程之前的星期四搬进宿舍,开始与人见面, learn about the campus and adjust to their new environment. 这一周包括教育活动、文化展示和有趣的娱乐活动. Advantage Week culminates on Sunday with a convocation and the March to the Tower, marking their entrance into Bearcat Nation.

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Joyce and Harvey White International Plaza



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